Spot The Airstream Contest

Spot the Airstream Contest

Love local? #LIVERNDSQR

We are passionate about Calgary's inner-city communities and we want to connect you to the amazing talent that makes living here so unique. This summer, you can win a full homeowners package - goods from us and fellow RNDSQR partners!


Enter to Win

Follow the #RNDSQRAirstream and register this summer at any of our pop-up locations. You'll be entered to win an exclusive grand prize with gift cards to Village Ice Cream, KIT Interior Objects, Our Daily Brett, UNA, and Phil & Sebastian, plus exclusive sets from Market Collective, Esme, Fresh Laundry, Banded Peak, and YYC Growers!

Keep your eyes peeled for our mobile Airstream Sales Centre all summer long because every time you drop-in and enter your name, is a chance to win!

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Sales Centre Now Open

RNDSQR Sales Centre

Find us in Marda Loop

We are thrilled about the opening of our new Sales Centre on 33rd Avenue in the flourishing community of Marda Loop! We have already had a ton of people come through to check out the new space and learn more about our upcoming offering of inner-city townhomes, condos, and lofts. Drop by during our opening hours from Wednesday to Sunday and find out what our current incentives are to reserve your next home.



Explore our homes

The Sales Centre features great new programming. Our on-site sales staff will walk you through our interactive touch screens which highlight our projects, floorplans, interiors, building features, pricing, and availability. You'll be able to explore design options and our thoughtfully put-together material palettes for every project and decide which inner-city community best suits you.


Pop-Up with Kit Interior Objects

Kit Interior Objects, are hosting a pop-up shop within our Sales Centre. All of our Show Suite furnishing and accessories are provided by Kit, and everything is available for purchase on location!


Visualize yourself in a GROW home

We've styled our entire show suite to represent a GROW home, our latest multi-family development located in Bankview. See the millwork and interior finishings first hand, featuring a fully furnished kitchen, bedroom, and living room built to scale.


Sales Centre Hours

Wed - Fri: 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sat - Sun: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Contact Us


2212 33 Ave SW, Calgary AB

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RNDSQR x Market Collective

RNDSQR x Market Collective

You can find Calgary's best artists, designers, live music and eats, an array of interactive features, and all around good times at Market Collective. Founded by Angela Dione and Angel Guerra in 2008, Market Collective began with a vision to promote local arts and culture. A decade later, MC has evolved into one of the most engaging and influential platforms for Calgary's creative community, all while staying true to its passion - community building through the arts. We applaud the work Angel and Angela have done to make YYC a cooler, more vibrant, more connected city, and proudly welcome them to our family of RNDSQR partners!



To celebrate, we've teamed up with Market Collective to provide all 2018 RNDSQR buyers with an exclusive MC Box. Inside, you will find a curated assortment of goods created by local artists, artisans and makers, along with passes to Market Collective.

Make sure to check out MC's stacked summer lineup of events on, and stay tuned for the MC 10th anniversary market, coming soon!

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RNDSQR Sales Centre Launch

We're opening a Sales Centre!


After months of planning, we are finally opening our Sales Centre this June! We couldn't be more excited to share this news (and space) with Calgary. Located in the energized community of Marda Loop, our centre will be open full time with welcoming staff to answer all your RNDSQR questions and concerns. Our new centre will feature a GROW style show suite to help you visualize condo space and interactive screens for easy navigation of each project's details. Not to mention, you'll love the refreshing design and interior, staged by Kit Interiors Objects


To celebrate the completion of our new centre, we are hosting our grand opening this weekend. Join us and RSVP for our VIP night on Friday, June 8th from 4pm to 8pm. If you can't make it to this evening, we will be hanging out Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm as well! Come enjoy food and drink from our community partners Phil & Sebastian, Our Daily Brett, Village Ice Cream, Banded Peaks Brewery, and Highlander Wine. Check out Esme Beauty & Floral Studio's luscious plants and admire Kit Interior Objects goods too. All of this while jamming to music and learning about our upcoming projects! 

See you there!



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RNDSQR x Sled Island 2018

RNDSQR x Sled Island 2018

RNDSQR is excited to be partnering with Sled Island this summer! Running from June 20 - 24, Sled Island is a different kind of festival which focuses on broadening the scope of artists on show. Coming into its 11th year, Sled brings together over 250 creatives from bands and comedy to film and art.



RNDSQR is thrilled to be supporting the local art scene by providing all of our 2018 purchasers with SLED ISLAND PASSES! We believe arts and culture are an absolutely critical component of any community and we are happy to be a part of such an amazing festival. Sled Island pushes Calgarians to get out and explore our diverse, eclectic city and all it has to offer.

Visit the Sled Island website for full details including venues and lineup, and a guide on ‘how to sled’. With guest curator, Deerhoof, this round of Sled Island is sure to be wild! You can find us at the Sled Island Block Party on June 23 rd in Inglewood!

Let's jam together!

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Welcoming Village Ice Cream to the RNDSQR Family

Welcoming Village Ice Cream to the RNDSQR Family.

In just a few short years, Village Ice Cream has gone from one of Calgary’s best kept secrets to one of its most beloved destinations - and with good reason. Not only does Village craft impossibly delicious ice cream (looking at you, Salted Caramel), they also cultivate an energetic, inclusive community vibe at each location. It’s the kind of place you can visit with friends, kids, co-workers, pets, or solo, and always feel right at home.




Village’s dedication to community has earned them a deeply loyal following. Regular customers, known as “Villagers”, are honoured through the ‘Stories’ feature. This monthly interview series has become a platform for sharing, learning, and connecting with cool people in the city. We met up with the owner of Village Ice Cream, Billy Friley to get some questions answers. Since our co-founder at RNDSQR, Alkarim Devani, is just as obsessed with ice cream, we asked him to chime in as well:

What’s your favourite flavour and why? 


Billy: My favourite flavour is Guide’s Mint. I have no good reason why. It is just simply the best.

Alkarim: Mint ice cream always and forever (and not because it is Billy’s favourite)!I think in the last 5 years I sample all the new flavors. I may have had mango just one time. Always Guide’s Mint in the end.


If you could share a Village Ice Cream with anyone in the world, who would it be? 


Billy: I would share a Village Ice Cream cone with Jay Z. Hip Hop. Business. Ice Cream. What could be better?

Alkarim: I share it with my daughter and my wife almost once a month. I'd probably share it with my mom too, but she passed away 7 years ago from cancer.  She loved ice cream as much as I do and I remember her bright smile every time I eat it. 


What do you love most about the inner city of Calgary?


Billy: I love that this city is evolving, becoming its own thing, acquiring its own flavour. And I get to be a part of this evolution. Pretty awesome.

Alkarim: The Culture; Calgary is growing every day. More bikes, more businesses, more local spots, more people, more kids and more families. This city is really starting to grow in such an inspiring way, and as city builders, we need to be responsible in this growth.

Find Village Ice Cream in Your Freezer

We are so proud to partner with Village Ice Cream and even more excited to bring the Village vibes straight to you. Every new RNDSQR home will now include four pints in the freezer and a handful of cone cards. Not in a RNDSQR home yet? Look out for the RNDSQR Airstream at your favourite local community events this summer where we'll be handing out Little Villager ice cream samples.

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Reinventing Living Spaces in the Inner-City

Reinventing Living Spaces in the Inner-City.


We have two great new projects for 2018. Check out GROW, a 20 unit multi-family development in Bankview; or have a look at PEAKS+PLAINS, townhomes inspired by Calgary’s big sky and sheltering Rockies.



GROW: Shaking up Multi-Family Living in Bankview  

The sloping switchbacks that climb from the street are the first signal that this isn’t any

ordinary condo development. Covered in green and letting light flow freely into each of the

20 units, the stepped roofline is an ingenious blend of form & function. Experience inner-city livability at its most appealing. This isn’t a knock-off, it’s an original.


GROW Building Details

Designed specifically for this particular site and taking full advantage of its sloping aspect, GROW captures valuable green space, offering personal garden plots and a communal grass-covered rooftop perfect for outdoor dining, games and catching a few rays. With reasonably priced units ranging from single and 2-bedroom Condos to 2-bedroom Lofts and 3 bedroom Townhomes, GROW is geared towards a diverse and discerning community, including families.


Key Features

  • Smart & Modern Floorplans
  • Recognized with a Special Mention from the Architizer A+ Awards
  • Loft, Condo, and Townhome Spaces
  • Individual rooftop garden for all units

PEAKS+PLAINS: Where the Prairies Meet The Mountains


On a gorgeous corner lot just footsteps away from River Park, Altadore Elementary and Marda Loop, PEAKS+PLAINS is an innovative approach to townhomes. You’ll be wowed by the modern Scandinavian exteriors with dramatically pitched rooflines on one side and the timeless minimal elegance of a flat rooflines on the other.


PEAKS+PLAINS Building Details


This study in contrasts is unified by design elements combining warm KEBONY wood – an ingenious maintenance-free sustainable softwood - with striking black standing seam metal siding. The effect is eye-catching with clean lines that demonstrate the simplicity and functionality of honest, natural materials. 4 buildings in total, with 10 units street side (PEAKS) and 10 units facing the internal courtyard (PLAINS).



Key Features


  • 2000 square feet of living space including 3 bedrooms and fully developed basements

  • Outdoor living space is maximized with spacious balconies and private patios

  • All our units feature fine finishes like luxury 7” wide plank white oak flooring

  • Scandinavian design, utilizing pitched and flat roof styles, each shape pops against the next, creating visual interest without being too busy


Register For GROW and PEAKS+PLAINS:

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Secondary Suites Finally Permitted

Secondary Suites Finally Permitted.


This move by council to reform the approvals for Secondary Suites a huge step forward for Calgary, and we at RNDSQR couldn’t be happier about it. That Calgary was the only major city in Canada making it so hard to get the okay for a legal suite just never seemed like a true representation of who we are as a city.  A young, vibrant, progressive city like Calgary with an intererest in sustainable growth ought to be leading not lagging in this arena! It’s a huge step forward in making our inner-city neighbourhoods more accessible, and inclusive and is key to a thriving, diverse economy. We think it makes a stronger fabric for the communities we love.



It might surprise you to know that our support for secondary suites comes more from our values as citizens than as developers. As developers of multi-family housing, it can actually hurt us on one front, as it opens up a ton of inventory in the rental market. As citizens however, we see incredible value in a wider range of safer, more affordable homes in our tight rental market. We love this city and we care passionately about working together to make positive change. This move by council is definitely a change for a better Calgary.


To celebrate we reached out to local artist and collaborator Kyle Metcalf to create another one of his rad illustrations to commemorate the moment. Way to go Calgary!



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The Art of Accessorizing: Add Some Soul to Your Home

The Art of Accessorizing: Add Some Soul to Your Home

You know that deep sense of satisfaction that comes from a thing of beauty? It is what we at RNDSQR strive for in all that we do. It’s our Golden Mean. We build houses with really good bones – quality materials and workmanship, coherent design, and thoughtful architectural details – but it’s the accessories that give a home its soul. You want your home to reflect your personality and give it an individual flair that is all your own. It doesn’t hurt to have some great partners in that quest, and Calgary’s Kit Interior Objects know all about flair. Owners Jon and Rachel Sawyer are geniuses at collecting “practical luxuries.” Here are 5 of our favourite functional and decorative objects that might be just what you are looking for to make our house your home.





1.  CARRIE LED LAMP by Norm Architects for MENU

Carrie (get it?) LED lamp is portable, rechargeable via USB and ready for any occasion. Designed by Denmark’s Norm Architects, it is the embodiment of Danish hygge, creating a warm cozy atmosphere wherever she goes. Remove the handle and it works beautifully on an office desk, as low lighting in the kitchen, as a nightlight, or take it out on your rooftop deck for some stargazing.  


2. HAY TRAY by

We love the elegant simplicity of the Hay Tray.  Slick Scandinavian design in gold, silver or rainbow-finished stainless steel, this practical little beauty is a warm, reflective pop of luxury.  Picture it at the entryway for keys, sink or bed-side for jewelry and pocket rubble, or pair it with some Aarne Champagne flutes when it’s just the two of you sitting by the fire.


3. AARNE CHAMPAGNE GLASS by Göran Hongell for Iittala

Timeless, mouth-blown crystal by Finnish artist Göran Hongell (1902-1973), these celebrated stemless flutes should be invited to all your special occasions -- and Tuesday- night prosecco-will-solve-that-dilemma too. A pleasure to hold, to behold and put to your lips (*yes you can use that line in your Valentine’s card), this is why open shelving was invented: you don’t want to put these babies behind a cupboard door.


4. EAMES HANG-IT-ALL WALNUT by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller

Loyal to the playful design of the multi-coloured original, the new Walnut and black version of Eames Hang-it-all is just the kind of authentic icon you can, well, hang your hat on. It’s also a clever compliment to the natural wood tones that we favour in our design. Warmth and minimalism combined into something functional with just a touch of whimsy and nostalgia, what could be more RNDSQR than that!


5. JONATHAN ADLER GEORGIA ORB by Jonathan Adler for Jonathan Adler

Hello surrealism. Part of American designer Jonathan Adler’s Muse Collection, wherein Adler pays homage to his favourite artists’ muses. He substitutes geometric relief patterns with surrealist body parts, and here, Georgia O’Keeffe is the muse, not the artist being celebrated.  Her husband, photographer Alfred Stieglitz took hundreds of photos of Georgia, and in his art, expressed the modernist notion of a fragmented sense of self. The purely decorative Georgia Orb is hand crafted in Peru from unglazed matte porcelain using Jonathan’s original sculpture. It is part of the Aid to Artisans program, a non-profit organization that connects designers in America with artisans in developing countries to promote fair trade. Plenty to muse about, no?

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Impact Magazine – Building Better Cities

Impact Magazine: Building Better Cities

Alkarim Devani from our team had the opportunity to write for Impact Magazine. Check out the article below as our team explores building more sustainable cities. We are learning and getting better one project at a time.

Article here


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