The Art of Accessorizing: Add Some Soul to Your Home

You know that deep sense of satisfaction that comes from a thing of beauty? It is what we at RNDSQR strive for in all that we do. It’s our Golden Mean. We build houses with really good bones – quality materials and workmanship, coherent design, and thoughtful architectural details – but it’s the accessories that give a home its soul. You want your home to reflect your personality and give it an individual flair that is all your own. It doesn’t hurt to have some great partners in that quest, and Calgary’s Kit Interior Objects know all about flair. Owners Jon and Rachel Sawyer are geniuses at collecting “practical luxuries.” Here are 5 of our favourite functional and decorative objects that might be just what you are looking for to make our house your home.





1.  CARRIE LED LAMP by Norm Architects for MENU

Carrie (get it?) LED lamp is portable, rechargeable via USB and ready for any occasion. Designed by Denmark’s Norm Architects, it is the embodiment of Danish hygge, creating a warm cozy atmosphere wherever she goes. Remove the handle and it works beautifully on an office desk, as low lighting in the kitchen, as a nightlight, or take it out on your rooftop deck for some stargazing.  


2. HAY TRAY by

We love the elegant simplicity of the Hay Tray.  Slick Scandinavian design in gold, silver or rainbow-finished stainless steel, this practical little beauty is a warm, reflective pop of luxury.  Picture it at the entryway for keys, sink or bed-side for jewelry and pocket rubble, or pair it with some Aarne Champagne flutes when it’s just the two of you sitting by the fire.


3. AARNE CHAMPAGNE GLASS by Göran Hongell for Iittala

Timeless, mouth-blown crystal by Finnish artist Göran Hongell (1902-1973), these celebrated stemless flutes should be invited to all your special occasions -- and Tuesday- night prosecco-will-solve-that-dilemma too. A pleasure to hold, to behold and put to your lips (*yes you can use that line in your Valentine’s card), this is why open shelving was invented: you don’t want to put these babies behind a cupboard door.


4. EAMES HANG-IT-ALL WALNUT by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller

Loyal to the playful design of the multi-coloured original, the new Walnut and black version of Eames Hang-it-all is just the kind of authentic icon you can, well, hang your hat on. It’s also a clever compliment to the natural wood tones that we favour in our design. Warmth and minimalism combined into something functional with just a touch of whimsy and nostalgia, what could be more RNDSQR than that!


5. JONATHAN ADLER GEORGIA ORB by Jonathan Adler for Jonathan Adler

Hello surrealism. Part of American designer Jonathan Adler’s Muse Collection, wherein Adler pays homage to his favourite artists’ muses. He substitutes geometric relief patterns with surrealist body parts, and here, Georgia O’Keeffe is the muse, not the artist being celebrated.  Her husband, photographer Alfred Stieglitz took hundreds of photos of Georgia, and in his art, expressed the modernist notion of a fragmented sense of self. The purely decorative Georgia Orb is hand crafted in Peru from unglazed matte porcelain using Jonathan’s original sculpture. It is part of the Aid to Artisans program, a non-profit organization that connects designers in America with artisans in developing countries to promote fair trade. Plenty to muse about, no?

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