Welcoming Village Ice Cream to the RNDSQR Family.

In just a few short years, Village Ice Cream has gone from one of Calgary’s best kept secrets to one of its most beloved destinations - and with good reason. Not only does Village craft impossibly delicious ice cream (looking at you, Salted Caramel), they also cultivate an energetic, inclusive community vibe at each location. It’s the kind of place you can visit with friends, kids, co-workers, pets, or solo, and always feel right at home.




Village’s dedication to community has earned them a deeply loyal following. Regular customers, known as “Villagers”, are honoured through the ‘Stories’ feature. This monthly interview series has become a platform for sharing, learning, and connecting with cool people in the city. We met up with the owner of Village Ice Cream, Billy Friley to get some questions answers. Since our co-founder at RNDSQR, Alkarim Devani, is just as obsessed with ice cream, we asked him to chime in as well:

What’s your favourite flavour and why? 


Billy: My favourite flavour is Guide’s Mint. I have no good reason why. It is just simply the best.

Alkarim: Mint ice cream always and forever (and not because it is Billy’s favourite)!I think in the last 5 years I sample all the new flavors. I may have had mango just one time. Always Guide’s Mint in the end.


If you could share a Village Ice Cream with anyone in the world, who would it be? 


Billy: I would share a Village Ice Cream cone with Jay Z. Hip Hop. Business. Ice Cream. What could be better?

Alkarim: I share it with my daughter and my wife almost once a month. I'd probably share it with my mom too, but she passed away 7 years ago from cancer.  She loved ice cream as much as I do and I remember her bright smile every time I eat it. 


What do you love most about the inner city of Calgary?


Billy: I love that this city is evolving, becoming its own thing, acquiring its own flavour. And I get to be a part of this evolution. Pretty awesome.

Alkarim: The Culture; Calgary is growing every day. More bikes, more businesses, more local spots, more people, more kids and more families. This city is really starting to grow in such an inspiring way, and as city builders, we need to be responsible in this growth.

Find Village Ice Cream in Your Freezer

We are so proud to partner with Village Ice Cream and even more excited to bring the Village vibes straight to you. Every new RNDSQR home will now include four pints in the freezer and a handful of cone cards. Not in a RNDSQR home yet? Look out for the RNDSQR Airstream at your favourite local community events this summer where we'll be handing out Little Villager ice cream samples.

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