Public Art at Courtyard 33

Voting opens for 2 large public murals at CY33. Find out how you can have your voice heard as we make our decision for which artists will be selected.



Public Art at CY33

Courtyard 33 is RNDSQR’s biggest and most exciting project to date! We are proud to have a big impact in our communities, and we want to take this opportunity to show our appreciation for those who make our city a vibrant place to live, by introducing our own public art program. CY33 has 2 large walls dedicated for murals; one facing inside the expansive courtyard, and the second on the exterior East wall of the building on 33rd Avenue.


From 10 to 4 to 2

We want your voice to be heard throughout the selection process of our final 2 artists. That’s why we have chosen 10 artists who will display their work on our 33rd Avenue site hoarding, at select RNDSQR partner locations, upcoming RNDSQR events, and on

How To Vote

Take the opportunity to check out the work and vote for your favourite online, or by posting a photo of your favourite artwork to Instagram with the hashtag #CY33art. The top 4 voted artists will go to a jury of the new homeowners at Courtyard 33 plus a panel of industry experts who will decide on the final 2 winners.

RNDSQR Is Changing The Game

The art at CY33 is 100% funded by RNDSQR without contribution from the City or any art organizations. By directly reaching out to artists and engaging the public, we know we can create more opportunities and start a positive movement within the art community.


Head to to view the work and vote for your favourite!

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