Courtyard 33 Has Launched

We had our official launch for Courtyard 33 in February! Thank you to those who made it out to celebrate, and a BIG congratulations to everyone who reserved their unit!



CY33 Change Up

The Sales Centre saw a big overhaul in February including a new lounge area with all 10 artist's murals on display and a fully decaled room with a map of Marda Loop, all 56 unit plans, and a detailed, to scale architectural model of CY33! On our screens you can find all the information you need about Courtyard as well, at the touch of your finger. 


Peer Into the Courtyard

The Courtyard 33 model is a visual experience we haven't offered before. With the level of detail it holds, you have the ability to fully understand the building. Peer right into the future courtyard, get up close and personal with exterior and landscaping, and locate your unit's balcony. Come see for yourself!


Corridor or No corridor?

With 29 different floor plans to choose from, you have laods of style options - though only 40 remain! One of the big questions, next to how many beds and baths you want, is whether you want a unit with a corridor or without. Condos on floor 3 and 5 have a hallway, while floors 4 and 6 do not. This means if you live on the even floors (4 and 6) you enter your unit on the floor below (3 adn 5) and immediately take the stairs in your unit's private entrance. This unique architectural approach called a stop-skip corridor provides increased sound security and privacy. Come learn more about it at the Sales Centre! 


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