An Interview With Maria About Her Purchase at CY33

We had a chance to reach out to Maria Dardano, one of the first buyers at CY33. She is the proud owner of a fixed 2 bedroom unit, here's what she has to say about RNDSQR and Marda Loop:

What attracted you to live in Marda Loop?

Growing up, I never wanted to stay in Calgary. I thought it was a boring city with nothing to offer. I wanted to live in New York or Los Angeles and live the “exciting life”. As I grew older, I realized that Calgary isn’t actually half bad, and this amazing city actually has a ton of pockets that I love, one being Marda Loop. While I was studying at Mount Royal University, I would frequent Marda Loop for coffee, sushi, drinks, and spin class and I remember saying that Marda Loop would be the dream spot to live. I had so many people say that was a stretch because it’s an expensive area, so I sort of discounted it - until now.

How did you first discover CY33?

I saw the CY33 ad on Instagram, which is a very millennial thing to have happened to me. The ad mentioned that CY33 was essentially an affordable option. I was elated. I instantly did my research and made my way to the RNDSQR sales center and chatted with Tara. I was given options for CY33, and many other properties by RNDSQR, but CY33 was the one I ended up choosing.

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What were your main reasons for buying?

It has everything I could have ever wanted in a property; walkable area, amazing colour palette, restaurants/bars, gyms, etc on the first floor, co-working space on the second floor, and a bonus courtyard for the public. I ended up reserving a unit at the sales event for CY33 and I haven’t looked back since. I’m so excited to live the lifestyle I’ve wanted as far as I could remember, and Tara and Alisa have made this experience so easy for me. I’m so excited to have everything I need in one area that I can bike or walk to; coffee (essential), spin, yoga, groceries (and restaurants when I don’t want to do groceries)!

Thanks Maria!

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