The Art of Strategy

RNDSQR's Co-Founder, Alkarim Devani, had a chance to sit down with Alison Geskin of The Art of Strategy Podcast, a podcast for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The two caught up on Alkarim's personal and work life, and how the two collide in significant ways.
Al shot
Geskin refers to Alkarim as many things, from a builder, designer, creator, and community connector, to father, son, husband, and brother. She says he's, "set on building better, more dynamic communities, all with an eye towards sustainability and leaving a legacy."
The interview starts on the topic of Alkarim's childhood growing up in Calgary's Southeast, and the challenges and adversity he faced. He touches on the cultural presence in his neighbourhood, having two older brothers, and being an ambitious, sometimes trouble-making kid. 

Alkarim shares the story of how he met his wife Majida, being a father and son, and the people and experiences that had a profound effect on his life. He goes on to reflect on the most impactful leader he's ever met, his mother, a woman who had drive, compassion, and could connect with anyone.