After celebrating the launch of Courtyard 33 earlier this year, we have officially broke ground for this much anticipated project in Marda Loop last Monday!

From Left to Right: Brett Garneau (Project Manager, RNDSQR), David White (Principal, Civicworks), Alkarim Devani (Co-Founder, RNDSQR), Afshin Devani (CEO, RNDSQR), Bob van Wegen (Executive Director, Marda Loop BIA), Evan Woolley (Ward 8 Councillor), Johanna Hurme (Co-Founder & Architect, 5468796 Architecture), Dean Patch (Site Superintendent, RNDSQR).

The groundbreaking ceremony was held directly on the CY33 site and included remarks by Ward 8 Councillor Evan Woolley, company Co-Founders Alkarim and Afshin Devani, and other RNDSQR team members.

Evan Woolley gives land acknowledgement and speaks on development and community.

With a traditional ribbon-cutting followed by digging with spades, the celebration saw community members, the RNDSQR team, as well as CY33 homeowners take part.

Afshin Devani, Evan Woolley, and Alkarim Devani digging into the ground at CY33.

CY33 buyer Brittany Leung takes a turn digging into ground for her future home.

In the coming weeks and months we will see the construction of CY33 begin and progress towards RNDSQR's largest build to date. CY33 was designed to contribute to the already flourishing Marda Loop community through public art, modern design, and communal space. Homeowners can expect a move in date of early 2021.

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