Captured: Announcement of D.D.O. Site Collaboration

Watch the breakdown of the announcement of our new site in Calgary's Southeast called David D. Oughton (DDO). In collaboration with CMLC, we will be redeveloping the 8.77 acres of land into a multi-family development and thriving community. 


We were joined by the CMLC team, community members, the Mayor, media, and RNDSQR team members. Speeches were made by Michael Brown (CMLC's President and CEO), Gian-Carlo Carra (Ward 9 Councillor), Mayor Naheed Nenshi, and Alkarim Devani (RNDSQR Co-Founder). 


The David D. Oughton site was once a public elementary school for over half a century, before closing in 2006. RNDSQR and CMLC have partnered on this development with the common goal of creating a space that will make a difference. You can learn more about the site and collboration here. Construction will commence in 2021!

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