Top 4 Artists Announced!

Wow, time flies! Can you believe it’s been over 8 months since we announced our Public Art program at CY33? We’ve had thousands of votes come through for your favourite art submissions, and have narrowed down our selection of 10 artists, to our top 4! These finalists will be put forward to our panel of judges to decide on which 2 will be installing murals facing 33rd Avenue SW, and in our public Courtyard space at CY33.

Ben Arcega

Cassie Suche

Kalum Teke Dan

Katie Green & Daniel Kirk

Celebrate Public Art with our Finalists

We will be hosting an open event at cSPACE King Edward on September 19th.  Join us for an evening of celebration and a talk with our 4 finalists, joined by Architect Johanna Hurme of 5468796 Architecture and RNDSQR co-founder Alkarim Devani. Get all of the details HERE.

Thank You To All Our Artists Who Submitted Work

Bradley Harms 
Curtis Van Charles
David Brunning
James Wyper
Kriss Janik
Kyle Metcalf

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