We caught up with four RNDSQR team members to ask them a few questions about life in Calgary and at RNDSQR. Our family has grown to 29 people over the past year and we are thankful for each and every one of them!

Leetia Lyons

Leetia is our Junior Production Designer and has been with us for an amazing three months. She is insanely talented and makes sweet graphics and more on the regular.

Keira Clark

Keira has been with RNDSQR since the beginning. As an Executive Assistant and our Team Coordinator, she is the glue that keeps the company together and hustles on the daily.

Brett Garneau

One of our talented Project Managers, Brett, is incredibly hard working and quite the comedian once you get to know him. He's been with a for a few months and quickly became an important family member.

Bola Agunbiade

Another RNDSQR original, Bola keeps us all on track and is super passionate about helping her team out anytime she can. She's one of our trusted Accountants, a real rock.

What inspires you to come to work everyday?

LL: Everyone at RNDSQR is really good people; I'm proud to be apart of something that I know will only grow as a innovative leader in Calgary's placemaking industry. And I get to work on a really cool brand with the wonderful marketing team.

KC: The people I work with!

BG: Developers play a critical role in society and a bad building will impact the residents of that community for 100 years! On the flip side, an innovative and architecturally inspiring building that helps integrate the community in thoughtful ways can positively impact many people. Building unique projects is hard work but an effort that I'm super excited to be contributing to with the RNDSQR team.

BA: Working with such a great team #RNDSQRFAM


My favourite part about living in Calgary is...

LL: I think Calgary is the perfect size; not so small you know everyone you see when you go to the supermarket but not so big that you feel anonymous in a crowd, like in New York or something.

KC: Being close to my family, friends, and quick access to the mountains.

BG: Calgary has so many exciting established communities that have their own unique vibe; from Kensington to Mission to Sunalta to Ramsay and everything in between. You'll never run out of interesting pockets of the City to explore and find inspiration.

BA: Parks and playgrounds.

"You'll never run out of interesting pockets of the City to explore"

If you could add anything to Calgary, what would it be?!

LL: Better night life!!!!! It's crazy you go to other big cities and people are out and about until sunrise! But in Calgary even downtown on a Saturday, past like 1am it's completely silent. Calgary should live a little.

KC: The ocean - it reminds me of my two years spent in Victoria.

BG: Calgary doesn't currently have any innovative midrise, mixed-used developments with activated public courtyards (but we're fixing that).

BA: Boosting start-ups. We need to diversify more from oil and gas.

What did you want to do when you grew up?

LL: An Astronomer. This was before I realized that a creative career is actually viable; once I learned I could make a living being creative it was an easy decision.

KC: I love mentoring people and wanted to become a school teacher for this reason (If Afshin reads this, I wanted to be an Executive Assistant to Afshin Devani).

BG: When I was 6 I found out what a construction project manager gets to do for work; the rest is history.

BA: A grade school teacher to help each child see themselves as a unique individual and to put a smiles on the kids faces.

"We need to diversify"

Your favourite RNDSQR project?

LL: AL50 for it's kitchen - it's so perfect. As another first choice, CY33 because I think the building concept itself will be really cool, and I also love the idea of apartment living, so cute.

KC: It's hard to pick a favourite, I love all our projects but if I had to choose one it would be South Calgary 24. The brick exterior, kitchen cabinet contrast, the windows and the metal screen make it the ideal choice.

BG: Courtyard33; there are lots of mid-rise developments going up in the Marda Loop area but none of them push the boundaries of design or community integration like the CY33 project. It's a super impactful development that is really raising the bar for future developments in all established communities!

BA: Grow. To me it stands for change and new beginnings. It is kind of our first residential that is not the usual 4plex. It caught my eye when I was preparing for my interview (I read an article Al did on grow). And you get a roof top planter box!!


Circle or Square?

LL: A circle trapped in a square.

KC: Both!

BG: A circle. It can represent the gathering of people around a central concept or idea; the basis of community!

BA: Circle.

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