Calgary's Climate Strike

Last Friday a few RNDSQR team members took part in the Calgary Climate strike downtown, as part of the larger global movement from September 20 to 27. Calgary saw two different strikes occur on the same day, one at the university and one at City Hall.

Worldwide, the strike saw over 7.6 million people in attendance across 185 countries. According to the Global Climate Strike website, this was the biggest climate mobilization in history. The site is a great resource for being involved and keeping up with events around you, and figuring out what's next. 

"I felt inclined to attend the strike for everyone's futures. Being there I experienced so many different feelings from total excitement to extreme fear."

-RNDSQR Team Member

Our team members participated in the Global Climate Strike because we believe in building smarter and more accessible cities. The development industry produces a lot of emissions and we are working on improving our waste practices and being better every day for our city and our community.

We're proud of our fam for following through in what they believe in, everyday. Let's create a more sustainable, walkable, and bikeable city together!

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