Meet Our New Realtors: Sam Corea & Team

RNDSQR is thrilled to announce the launch of our new realty partnership with the incredible team at Sam Corea Re/Max House of Real Estate. Sam Corea and his team have been leading real estate in Calgary for over two decades. Sam's extensive expertise in inner-city development will deliver the highest quality home buying experience for future RNDSQR FAM members.

As we at RNDSQR continue to expand in the Calgary marketplace the selection of "Team SAM" was the perfect compliment. Our commitment to customer service, collaboration and brand experience are shared, making this an exciting partnership. 

You just celebrated 25 years in Real Estate. What sets you apart from other agents in Calgary?

It’s the high quality marketing my team and I have developed to showcase our listings and our passion for the industry. I am fanatical about marketing, negotiating deals and striving to get thrilling results for our clients. Being in the business so long means I’ve lived through the booms and the busts. And I’ve been able to sell thousands of homes and experienced all the ups and downs which has given me knowledge that helps me assist my clientele. I love what I do.


What excites you most about working with RNDSQR?

Can I say that it ups our cool factor?! But seriously, it’s a great brand alliance. We’re all about quality, customer service, brand experience and community too. RNDSQR is forward thinking with their design which resonates with our clients so it’s a natural partnership.


Can you share what a perfect day in Calgary looks like for you?

Up before dawn preparing for my day, grabbing an espresso, meeting with my team at the office, having lunch with a client at an inner city eatery, negotiating an offer or two in the afternoon, squeezing in a golf game before dinner with my family and then ending it with a cigar & wine by the fire with my wife as I recount my day. Can I fit all of that into 24 hrs?


What businesses do you admire in our city?

I’m a marketing junkie so I love companies that have a strong brand voice. I really appreciate when a business understands their target market and speaks directly to that consumer. RNDSQR, YYC Cycle, FYi Doctors, Zoon Painting, and Westjet are companies that inspire me.


We heard you're an early morning person. What gets you up so early in the morning?

I naturally wake up at 5am every morning. I’m eager to start my day and usually spend my time before sunrise researching, studying housing stats, or listening to podcasts. I like the calm before the storm.


What can clients expect when working with the Sam Corea team?

Clients are going to immediately know our team has their back. They are going to feel that their interests are top of mind for us. We each have our strengths and work as a team to get them results. We take our role very seriously, but we like to have a little fun along the way.


Your office is in the heart of Marda Loop, what are some can't miss places to visit in the neighbourhood?

There are so many great businesses in this district. Merchants, Village Ice Cream, Our Daily Brett, Springbank Cheese, Pacific Poke, Distilled Beauty Bar, Marda Loop Doggie Daycare, this is why I love inner city living!


What are some of your favourite design features in RNDSQR's homes?

What I love the most is that there is no waste of space. Each property is well thought out from the roof top patios to the developed basements. Also, I appreciate the unique screen details each project incorporates on the staircase.


What are your top three favourite things to do in Calgary.

I really enjoy checking out the restaurant scene. I also like exploring our river pathway systems and parks and appreciate how even when you’re in the middle of the city nature is easily accessible. I also like to golf and take advantage of the city courses.


We've heard you use the term 'right-sizing' instead of downsizing. What does this concept mean to you? And how does it apply to your real estate practice?

People can do with less space and feel a lot happier. A lot of my clientele are opting to reduce their square footage, move to a more central location and maintain the quality of the finishes and design. They are choosing a property that suits them better and is sized just right for them. The term “ downsizing” comes across negatively, but in fact their choice is a smart move so “ right-sizing” seems more appropriate.


As a realtor, what do you think sets RNDSQR apart?

RNDSQR knows what the market wants, creates current designs that are appreciated by the buyers, and they are invested in the community & connected with those in it. They want to support and improve their neighbourhoods. I think it’s this commitment to the community that is the hallmark of their brand.

For more information on Team SAM joining the RNDSQR movement please email

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