In part two of Faces of RNDSQR, we quizzed four team members from four different departments about work and a few other important life questions. Get to know the fam below!

Alisa Audia

Alisa is our wonderful Sales Executive who helps people find their ideal RNDSQR homes. She holds down the fort at our Sales Centre and is extremely knowledgeable. 

Roby Brar

Roby has been at RNDSQR for a while now working to improve the behind the scenes action. As Director of Finance and Administration, he also has a fun side a few of us have dubbed as DJ TGIF.


Dean Patch

One of our trusted Site Superintendents, Dean, always has a few comedic stories to share. Dean has been on the team for over a year now and keeps a few of our sites moving along smoothly. 

Lauren Popadiuk

Our Director of Brand and Marketing, Lauren, ensures the office is entertained whether it's with her quirky dance moves or laughter. She has truly molded RNDSQR's marketing and culture, and continues to push it further each day. 



What do you love most about our city?

AA: Calgary offers the best of both worlds; it's surrounded by breathtaking nature and has a vibrant inner city to explore.

RB: I love Calgarian's entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, and community focus. 

DP: I have worked all over Canada in all the large cities and Calgary is the best hands-down. Its' the cleanest in the world (as recognized by Forbes), well-structured, and the people are great! Our multi-cultural mosaic ticks together like no other city I've seen, and of course the capital that Calgarians generate. 

LPI love how friendly Calgarians are. My favourite places are NHBR Coffee, Nosehill Park, The Globe Theatre, Nights & Weekends, Leo Boutique, Vespucci and Junction 9.


What makes a space a home to you?

AA: Whatever makes your home a place where you can kick back and relax, surrounded by unique items that reflect your own personal style. 

RB: The people in that space who love you dearly. 

DP: A genuine reflection of family in my home, simple structures, and warm comfort style of country living. 

LPArt, friends and family.

"Calgary offers the best of both worlds"

What is your proudest moment at RNDSQR?

AA: My proudest moment was at the BILD Awards earlier this year when I had the honour of accepting the Multi-Family Builder of the Year Award on behalf of my team. I was quite new with RNDSQR and it made me realize how lucky I am to be a part of a company that is making a real difference. At that moment, RNDSQR was truly recognized for creating exceptional homes and enhancing established communities. 

RB: So far, the official groundbreaking ceremony at Courtyard 33. 

DP: My proudest moments are being there to help my team and hit the ground running with CY33. I'm grateful to be part of a team that is now being recognized as a strong force in the industry. 

LP: My proudest moments have been walking through completed units. The design and details are so beautiful, and it always reminds me how much teamwork it took to get there.


What would you do or learn if you had infinite time and resources?

AA: This is a tough one! If I had the time and resources, I would buy an amazing piece of land (with a stunning mountain view) and build my very own Scandinavian and nature inspired dream home. 

RB: Travel the world with friends and watch live professional sporting events!

DP: I would spend all my time with my family, and help them with their challenges.

LP: I would do the exact same thing, with the exact same people. Or start a doggie daycare.

What's your favourite RNDSQR project and why?

AA: PEAKS & PLAINS or WH05. I love the simplicity and functionality found in Scandinavian design.   

RB: CY33. The courtyard provides an established community with a unique space. It's a great mix of retail and residential offerings, accompanied by beautiful murals on the interior courtyard and East end of the building. 

DP: CY33 because I am proud to be the Superintendent on this project.

LPGrow. I love the outdoor amenity spaces, the architecture and the palette. Unit 301, one of the lofts, is my dream home.

"Creating exceptional homes and enhancing established communities"

What was your dream career growing up?

AA: I wanted to be a teacher. I remember lining up all my stuffed animals and teaching them lessons on a variety of topics from math and science to fashion and life.  

RB: Professional athlete until I realized there was no chance, then a sports agent... I eventually landed on accounting and finance. 

DP: To own a successful Construction Management company. 

LPI always wanted to be a Dentist. I used to bend paper clips into fake retainers and wear them around school. Later in life I got a real retainer and it was much less glamorous than I had imagined. Big shout out to my dentist Dr. A!


Circle or Square?

AA: Circle for sure! 

RB: Circle.

DP: I am a circle!

LP: A circle because they roll with it.

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