Q&A With Our Sales Team

We caught up with our sales team this week to chat about all things RNDSQR including their current favourite projects, upcoming events and how you can get in touch with them!


What's your favourite part about being on the RNDSQR team?

Alisa: RNDSQR is a visionary company that truly cares about the communities in which we build. The RNDSQR team is made up of genuinely nice people who have a great vibe.

Tara: What I love the most about working at RNDSQR and being part of the team, is feeling like we are all family. I also love how innovative and involved with the community we are.

How long have you been in the industry?

Alisa: I have been in this industry for 2 years and in sales for about 15 years.

Tara: Just over 5 years.

Tell us about your experience at the BILD CR Awards.

Alisa: It was intense but exciting – Accepting all those awards on behalf of RNDSQR was my personal 15 minutes of fame.

What's your favourite RNDSQR project currently?

Alisa: Peaks & Plains or WH05 (love Scandinavian design).

Tara: CY33, although Grow comes in at a close second.


Townhome or condo? Which would you choose and why?

Alisa: Townhome for my family. With a husband, 2 kids and a puppy I need a lot of space.

Tara: What suits my lifestyle best at the moment is a condo, and I am hoping to purchase at CY33!

What community is RNDSQR currently building in that is your favourite?

Alisa: I have a soft spot for Altadore, love the parks and family feel.

Favourite design palette?

Alisa: ML28 and WH05 (love a simple palette with lots of black & white)

Tara: I love all our palettes, so it’s hard to choose just one, but my favourite is AL48 because of the tile detail.

Favourite element of a home, what makes a place a home?

Alisa: Whatever makes your home a place where you can kick back and relax, surrounded by unique things which reflect your own personal style.

Tara: I love kitchens, where everyone always tends to gather.

What event are you most looking forward to this summer?

Alisa: The GROW Summer Rooftop Party!

Tara: I am looking forward to the Grow party. Can’t wait for everyone to experience the rooftop patio and gardens.

What can someone expect when visiting the Sales Centre?

Alisa: A warm welcome and positive experience.

Tara: They can expect to meet a team that care and want to find them the best fit.

How do I book an appointment? What's the best way to contact you?

Alisa: Since we are often with clients, email is best – sales@rndsqr.ca

Tara: The easiest way is to email us: sales@rndsqr.ca or call: 403-470-5974

Where do you see RNDSQR in 5 years?

Alisa: Still killing it!

Tara: With how much I have seen RNDSQR grow over the past year, I see them continuing to thrive, offering more unique projects that keep adding to the architectural landscape of the city. In other words, more cool places to live!

Anything else we should know about RNDSQR/ visiting the sales centre?

Alisa: We are nice and we truly care about finding you the perfect home.

Tara: We can’t wait to meet you!


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