CY33 Artwork at UNA Pizza + Wine

We have an exciting new art installation at Una Pizza and Wine! Last week we worked with the local restaurant to display our top 10 artists for the CY33 artist mural project. Head down for some pizza, wine and to see the art in person, if you haven’t had a chance to vote for your favourite artist visit The installation will be up until July 1st, for additional artist votes snap a photo of your favourite piece and post on Instagram with #CY33ART.

Courtyard 33 is RNDSQR’s biggest and most exciting project to date! We are proud to have a big impact in our communities, and we want to take this opportunity to show our appreciation for those who make our city a vibrant place to live. The art at CY33 is 100% funded by RNDSQR without contribution from the City or any art organizations. By directly reaching out to artists and engaging the public, we know we can create more opportunities and start a positive movement within the art community.

Happy Voting!


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